When-Then: Condition using time of last update

What I would like is to make a condition similar to this:
if param1 == true && lastUpdate > 30s then ....

I couldn’t see in this method of building rules any way to get the time of the last update of a parameter, will I have to create a new attribute to store the update date?

Thanks in advance for any help

Hi Luiz,

We have a ‘Duration’ modifier in mind with which you could specify for how long a condition should be true before triggering the rule. Is that what you would need?

This is however not high priority on our backlog. So if anyone feels comfortable to dive in an add this, feel free to message me :wink:

An alternative would be to use Groovy rules to write the rule you need, would that be an option for you Luiz?

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Hello Don

Yes, I got around this problem by implementing it in Groovy, but I would like to make this available to a standard user, hence the question.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: