Z-wave stops communication abruptly


Over the last several months as i have added more nodes, updated to Raspbian stretch on RPI3, i have noticed that couple a couple of times Z-wave stops communicating. I can connect to the controller through app and all the virtual commands seem to work fine but none of the commands or status on z-wave seem to work. i have attached the z-wave log files. Looks like this time the issue started around 8.16 am where the log shows it is building and queuing the commands but does not show any Tx/RX on the port.

any ideas on where i can look further to try and better understand where the root cause is?

A reboot of Raspberry PI seems to fix the issue- any other logs that may give a better idea on what could be happening? I have not tried restarting just the controller yet to see if that resolves the issue.


zwave.log.1 (564 KB)

The log should contain sufficient information in order to track down what’s going on. I’ll let you know when I’ve found a solution for the issue. It seems that things go wrong when a device requests a so called ‘Nonce’ from the controller as part of the security protocol, the controller sends the ‘Nonce’ to the device but doesn’t receive an acknowledge (‘ACK’) from the device. My first guess is that it’s a bug in the OR Z-Wave implementation (faulty behaviour when the expected ‘ACK’ is not received).

Thanks let me know if you need me to collect any other information next time this occurs before I reboot.

Hi Rainer

Any luck getting to the bottom of this? I had another lock up last night and symptoms seem to be similar. This time instead of reboot the entire PI I killed the OpenRemote process and restarted it and it started operations again.

If you need me to try anything or capture any other information that may help troubleshoot better let me know.


I haven’t found an error in the OR Z-Wave implementation so far. At some point the Z-Wave serial API doesn’t send an ACK from the USB stick to the OR Z-Wave stack when data is sent to the stick.

In a first step I want to make sure that all ACK’s are correctly sent from the OR Z-Wave stack to the stick. Currently I don’t see the data that is sent to the stick at the lowest byte level. I’ll send you an updated Z-Wave jar so that I’m able to verify that all ACKs are sent correctly. Please replace the /webapps/controller/WEB-INF/lib/or-zwave-3.3.0.jar with the file that I’ll send to you. After that send the Z-Wave log to me as before.

Thanks Rainer. I have download file and replaced the existing file i had “or-zwave-3.2.2-Beta2.jar”-
I was not aware that there was a version 3.3.0 out. I am wondering if this was something that got fixed in 3.3.0.

After the last time it froze, i started the controller back in run mode and i have attached all the errors that it shows in terminal very frequently with Z-wave (ver 3.2.2) and seem to be related to nonce.

I have now put the latest 3.3.0 file you sent and restarted the controller. I will let you know what if it freezes again and send you the log files.

Thanks again for all the help.

Log.txt (196 KB)

Hi Rainer

Can you send me a link to or-zwave-3.3.0.jar ?
After used the version 3.3.0 with the tx logging, I haven’t had any issues with controller freezing up so I should probably replace with the regular version of that 3.3.0 unless you see no issues with it.


There aren’t any issues with the version that I’ve sent to you. That means there is no need to replace it with the original version. The most recent unmodified version can be downloaded with the following link : Z-Wave 3.3.0

hi Rainer,

unfortunately i had another instance of zwave lock up. I have attached the log file (i am still using the or-zwave3.3.0 with tx logging). One thing i noticed is this issues seems to happen when a zwave multi sensor i have get to low battery. Lat time around it seemed to lock up zwave communications until i replaced the battery (and i was running older version of the zwave jar). This time i am running the 3.3.0. I hope the attached log files help you understand the root cause. if you need more information please let me know. i have attached the node file for that multisensor as well in case you feel it is triggering this issue.

i will restart the controller and run it till the problem occurs again.


node25.xml (4.06 KB)

zwave.log (184 KB)

zwave.log.1 (500 KB)

Hello Rainer

Checking to see if you had a chance to look into to this. A couple of days ago I had to restart the controller again due similar lock up issue. I have the log files saved if you need them.