ZWave Dim to fixed value

I am using OpenRemote pro
1.4.1 version and I want to create a Z-Wave command that dims a light to a
fixed value. I have been trying to create a Z-wave command with the syntax “Dim
50” to get the device to dim lights to 50%. This is not working. When
checking ZWave log I can see that Openremote creates the ZWave command
“dim” but dimvaule 50 seems not to be passed on to the ZWave command,
I get “ParamValue = null” in log.

Anyone knows how to create a Z-Wave
command in Openremote that can dim a device to a fixed value?


Nils Jaburek

I’ve verified that the Z-Wave ‘DIM’ command with a fixed value like ‘DIM 50’ works with OpenRemote Controller 2.5.0. (New release for OpenRemote :,


Can you send a sample configuration for commands for the dimmer - to turn it on and off and dim with a slider? I have this following dimmer and I am not quite sure how to set it up on OR. It associated on the Zwave as a node. It shows command class support multilevel switch

For a dimmer you have to create the commands DIM, STATUS, ON, and OFF in the OpenRemote Designer. The STATUS command has to be linked with a level sensor. Finally create a slider with the level sensor and the DIM command. Afterwards you can place this slider on a panel.

example: Z-Wave node ID = 12


Protocol: Z-Wave

Z-Wave nodeID: 12

Command: DIM


Protocol: Z-Wave

Z-Wave nodeID: 12

Command: STATUS


Protocol: Z-Wave

Z-Wave nodeID: 12

Command: ON


Protocol: Z-Wave

Z-Wave nodeID: 12

Command: OFF



Type: level



Type: switch




If you want to set a fixed dim value create a command with the DIM command word and append it with the fixed dim value (example : DIM 50). Place a button on a panel and link it with the fixed dim command.


Protocol: Z-Wave

Z-Wave nodeID: 12

Command: DIM 50

Hi Rainer,

thanks- all the commands worked perfectly except the status - i can turn ON , Turn OFF, Dim with slider and Dim to a fixed value just fine but for some reason the labels i created pointing to the status and dim level do NOT seem to update- they seem to only display the values i believe that were at the start up of the controller. Any ideas? i basically have one label point to Switch Sensor (i want it shows whether its ON or OFF) and one label pointing to Dimmer level sensor ((i want it shows the value of the DIM)


HI any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

The following new Z-Wave protocol version should fix your problem :

Z-Wave 3.1.0 Beta1

You have to replace the zwave.jar file in the /webapps/controller/WEB-INF/lib folder with the new jar file.

The new version requests a dim level status update after the dim level has been set.

An updated version is available that fixes a bug related to multi instance and security enabled devices :

Z-Wave 3.1.1 Beta1

Thanks Rainer- it seems to be working. It is displaying the status of the dimmer and the level. However i do see some anomalies especially when turning on and off -
i am consistently able to reproduce that once the dimmer is set to 100 and i turn it off, the value it displays is somewhere in the 30s and the state shows ON- where as actually the dimmer is off (i have a light bulb connected to it which does turn off.). If i press the OFF switch once more, it then displays correctly OFF and 0 for the level. Not sure what would cause that but wanted to see if you had any insights.

New version available that fixes the dimmer update issue.

Z-Wave 3.1.2 Beta1

Requesting the dim level after it has been set sounds easy but it isn’t. Some dimmers report the target dim level after it has been reached but the Fibaro dimmer does not. In version or-zwave-3.1.1-Beta1 I’ve tried to request the dim level after 2 seconds after it has been set. In version or-zwave-3.1.2 I do not request the dim level after a fixed time because this time can be arbitrary long - instead I assume that the dim level has been successfully set after receiving the ACK from the device.

thanks this version seems to be working much better with the dimmer status and values