Zwave- node battery status


I found this thread from the old forum- just curious if this every got implemented.

Looking at this link below,seems like it should fairly straight forward if this command is supported in OR- create a command with “BATTERY” and tie it to a level sensor?


All commands that are listed in have been implemented and as a result the “BATTERY” command should work with your battery powered device.

In most cases it’s necessary to configure an association from the battery powered device to the controller. Without this association the device doesn’t know where to send the battery status (see how to configure an association). You have to read the manual in order to figure out which association group has to be used (in most cases group 1).

Hi Rainer,

thanks for your reply. Looks like the BATTERY command is working when the unit (Garage goor opener) is forced to wake up by manually removing the cover. Is there a way to trigger it to wake up and get the battery level? i have attached the node file for this device. I tried creating a button that executes the Battery command on the node when pressed but it doesnt seem to do anything. The log file simply shows:

DEBUG 2016-06-05 05:22:10,982 (Z-Wave): Command_Builder : Building Z-Wave command

DEBUG 2016-06-05 05:22:10,983 (Z-Wave): Command_Builder : Z-Wave command: nodeId = ‘4’, endPoint = ‘1’

DEBUG 2016-06-05 05:22:10,983 (Z-Wave): Command_Builder : Z-Wave command: command = BATTERY

DEBUG 2016-06-05 05:22:10,984 (Z-Wave): Command_Builder : Z-Wave command: paramValue = null

DEBUG 2016-06-05 05:22:10,984 (Z-Wave): Command_Builder : Z-Wave command created successfully

DEBUG 2016-06-05 05:22:10,996 (Z-Wave): CCBattery : Node ‘4:0’ : [COMMAND_CLASS_BATTERY::BATTERY_GET]

DEBUG 2016-06-05 05:22:11,002 (Z-Wave): Controller_API_WakeUp_Queue : Node ‘4’ : Enqueue (Count=‘2’) : ‘ZW_SendData(NodeID=4, Payload=[0x80, 0x02], TxOptions=[TRANSMIT_OPTION_AUTO_ROUTE, TRANSMIT_EXPLORE_OPTION_ACK], CallbackID=0x00)’.

doesn’t look like it is actually sending any command- just putting it in the queue and probably waiting for the node to wake up? is there a way to manually trigger a wake from the controller?

node4.xml (2.14 KB)

A battery powered device is most of the times in sleep mode and as a result it’s not possible to communicate with the device and request the battery status update. In order to communicate with the device the controller waits for a wake up command from the device and sends all commands that have been stored in a queue.

Your device has been configured with a wake up time of 86400 seconds (24 hours) which is reasonable. The wake-up time of a battery powered device has to be chosen carefully because it’s always a compromise between battery life and up to date sensor values. Your device has a minimum wake up time of 600 sec and a maximum wake up time of 604800 sec. Valid wake up times are 600, 800, 1000, 1200… because the step size is 200 sec.

86400 1 600 604800 3600 200


I’ld configure the minimum wake up time of 600 sec for test purposes and check if it works. If it works you could configure a more reasonable wake up time afterwards. A reasonable wake up time for reading the battery status could be several days. In order to configure the wake up time you have to edit the value in the section. That means edit the wake up time interval value manually with a text editor and restart the controller afterwards. You could accelerate device configuration if you wake up the device manually (see device manual - most of the times triple press of a button) otherwise the new wake up time will be effective after the old wake up time has expired (currently 24 hours !).

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Some devices send the battery status automatically at wake up time or it’s configurable. You should read the device manual to get more information about this issue.