Zwave sensor issues


Since I got a new version of Zwave (or-zwave-3.2.1.jar) from Rainer regarding an earlier case I have started to get issues with sensors in Openremote (2.6.0 Beta3).

If I make changes in the designer and after that synchronizes the controller, I can get failing sensors that earlier has been working fine but now suddenly stops working. It can be switchsensors, slider sensors, temperature senors etc. The problems only arise after I have restarted the controller and the funny thing is that if I synchronize the controller everything works again until I restarts controller services, after that the errors are back again. Recreating the sensor in designer fixes the problem permanently but when doing that anther sensor can stop working, and it goes on and on…

Examples of issues:

Temperature sensors do not show any temperature (get the value N/A in the app gui). When checking the zwave log I can se how temperature readings get to the controller OK from from the Zwave device, but the values is not reflected to Openremote.


If I click a switch to turn on a light the light turns on OK, but the switch in the gui is not reflecting the state change and you can not click the switch again to turn off the device. Same thing if I turn on the light by the wall switch, this is not reflected in the gui (witch it normally does). When this occur, an error is logged in the console like this “ ERROR 2020-07-16 08:03:49,384 : Attempted to access sensor with id ‘845á668’ which did not exist in device state cache.


Sliders work OK with dimmers for example, but errors like “Attempted to access sensor with id ‘845á668’ which did not exist in device state cache.” is logged on console. If I turn off the dimmer by a switch the change is not reflected to the slider.

This can be ongoing and if I try little bit of everything by resyncing the controller with designer or in some cases make another change in designer and resyncs the problem disappear – until next time I do a change in designer that I have to sync to my controller. Not sure, but it seems like this happens only then I create or change sensors in designer, if I only change other things in designer like switches, labels and graphical design the problem do not arise.