Android App Connection fails 2

Dear dev,

I’ve installed the new android app,and I’m able to connect to the your demo, however I’ve some doubt how to configure the app to connect to my OpenRemote UI installed on my PC (@, I’m using Window 10). OpenRemote UI is configured almost as default (with the exception that localhost is changed with Web OpenRemote UI is reachable using Android Chrome, so no problem in the connection between the phone and the PC

I see in the instructions that:

  1. Before deploying OpenRemote, adjust the consoleappconfig by adding a ‘yourrealm.json’ for each realm you want the app to work with. This is where you configure the initial landing page for the app. In the example it directs to the login page of the manager for this realm.
  2. Once OpenRemote is deployed and you open the app the first time the app asks for the ‘Project Domain’ and ‘Realm’ names. If you are e.g. hosting an OpenRemote instance and Realm at use the following: ‘Project Domain’ is ‘’ and ‘Realm’ is ‘yourrealm’.

Step 1 is not clear very much, do I need to reconfigure operremote ? where do I see the yourrealm.json file ? In which directory do I need to put it ?


For step 1, this is where you should add the file:
openremote / deployment / manager / consoleappconfig / yourrealm.json

add to what ? . Please remember I’ve installed the openremote platform under Windoes 10 and the app is running under android ?

Browse to your docker-compose.yml

There you add the following folder structure.

|-- manager
| |-- consoleappconfig
| | | – yourrealm.json

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Sorry but is still not clear.
what do you mean when you write “browse to your docker-compose.yml”

Do you got an custom Project or from stack?

Regarding the platform I’ve folowed the quick start guide here:

h ttps://

Then I’ve updated OpenRemote platform changing localhost with IP address of the PC where I’ve installed the platform, so external PC in the my local network, and, I assume, also your OpenRemote Android app, installed on my Amdroid Smartphone, are connected in wifi to the same local network (same subnet), The idea is that the SmartPhone where OpenRemote app is installed can point to the OpenRemore PC platform

Regarding OpenRemote App, it is downloaded from the Google Play store and used as it is, and finally configured as indicated above, in the attached picture.

So, you used the Quickstart. Ok.

As i provided you already the walkthrough:

Go to the folder where you have saved the “docker-compose.yml”
Then you create a new folder architecture:

For Example:


$ cd C:\Users\pberna\openremote\ < if there is your docker-compose.yml
$ mkdir deployment
$ cd deployment
$ mkdir manager
$ cd manager
$ mkdir consoleappconfig
$ cd consoleappconfig
$ curl --output yourrealm.json

edit yourrealm.json for your openremote realm


$ cd /home/pberna/openremote/ < if there is your docker-compose.yml
$ md deployment
$ cd deployment
$ md manager
$ cd manager
$ md consoleappconfig
$ cd consoleappconfig
$ wget $
$ mv smartcity.json yourrealm.json

then edit yourrealm.json

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I created the directory structure you mentioned in the C:\ (root) because the docker-compose.yml was placed there.

than I changed the content C:\deployment\manager\consoleappconfig\yourrealname.json file as indicated below:

“realm”: “master”,
“initialUrl”: “ push storage”,
“url”: “ push storage&consoleAutoEnable=true#!geofences”,
“menuEnabled”: false,
“menuPosition”: “BOTTOM_RIGHT”,
“menuImage”: null,
“primaryColor”: “#4D9D2A”,
“secondaryColor”: “#CFCFCF”,
“links”: [
“displayText”: “Map”,
“pageLink”: “ push storage&consoleAutoEnable=true#!geofences”

the same json file is then saved in the same directory. Please check if the changes are correct.

Anyway what are the user name an password to fill the fields in the Android app ?

Are the instructions

updated for the new app ? or are they related to the old Android App ? The fields are filled in with data indicated above, but still the app is not able to connect



Hi Paolo,

The username and password fields are presumably the ones of the log in page of the manager you are connecting to. Did you manage to do that?

I only now realized your trying to use the app with a locally hosted OpenRemote. As far as I know the app only accepts a verified SSL certificate (but doesn’t give a proper error message to let you know this is the issue…)

We have a fix for this on our backlog where you can indicate for which hosts the app should ignore SSL errors, but we won’t get to that very soon sadly.

Could you tell us a bit more what you are trying to achieve, so we can find another way to help you with your project?

I need to design a demo for the European Distributor Training to show an IOT platform (openremote) working with u-blox EVK (it is a WiFi Module + Embedded CPU) and the u-blox MQTT broker.
You should consider the WiFi Module (NINA-W102 EVK) a remote intelligent sensor which is able to connect through WiFi network to a remote (on the cloud) Thingstream MQTT broker. (The WiFi network is connected to the cloud through a WiFI to ADSL router). Your Openremote platform is connected to the u-blox MQTT broker so that the path u-blox sensor<-> u-blox MQTT broker <-> Openremote platform can be created. My idea is to install the Openremote platform on my PC, so the openremote MQTT Agent can address the u-blox MQTT broker on the cloud. At the same time the I would like to show the openremote APP running, and addressing the openremote IOT platform. This is, in short, what I would like to do. The reason to install openremote on my pc is because I don’t have a cloud service where to install it, but is not real constrain to me to install openremote somewhere else. Do you have any other idea?