Android App Connection fails

I’ve installed OpenRemote on my PC, however the android app is not able to connect to the Web server, not clear why.
I’ve installed the OpenRemote on my Windows 10 PC, with default firewall setting,
Android 12 is installed on my phone.
Setting on the phone are:
URL: (IP address of the Openremote server)
Default Panel Name: (empty)
Username: admin
Password: secret
X Scale = Y Ccale =1

The phone is not able to connect to the server

Hi Paolo,

You are using the old app. You can find the new app here:

Could you try that and let us know?


Hi Don
Thanks for the note, I suggest to hiligh in playstore that the new app is the one with less dosnload and lower version .
I opened new request here:

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Did you try adding the JSON for the realm you want to access, similar to this one in the demo for the smartcity realm? Check out the configuration in the JSON of course. openremote/smartcity.json at master · openremote/openremote · GitHub

Can you please tell me where that file is placed ?

You can find it here:
openremote / deployment / manager / consoleappconfig / smartcity.json

yes this is the path related of the link you provided, but where do I need to place that file in platform installed in my PC?