Container unhealthy _proxy

Hi .
how i fixed this


Please provide the logs of (preferably all) containers when the error occurs:

docker logs docker_proxy_1

pls see this
openremote_docker_log.txt (6.2 KB)


Oh that’s odd. Is this a fresh openremote installation or an update / migration?

Apparently the new /storage folder we started practicing recently doesn’t exist in your case.
@Rich can you watch along?


this is update


hi martin,
Any solution?


I mentioned Rich in my previous message to verify a possible cause.
We’re currently working on it, and will try to release a fix asap.

Thanks for reporting!

is there anyway to backup my database?


Of course!

Since we’re using PostgreSQL you can exeucte any command you like on it.
We also wrote a short guide on how to backup and restore a database in our GitHub wiki:

Indeed there is a fix coming soon for this but for now you need to make sure the OR_STORAGE_DIR exists which by default is /storage in the manager container; you can add a volume to the docker compose file to create this path as shown in our own docker-compose.yml (note the assignment of the manager-data in the manager service as well as being defined at the top of the compose file.

Hi rich,

Thank you so much for quick fixing but right now i am unable to generate ssl certificate through domain.

Thanks @martin.peeters

right now i am able to generate certificate by adding

- ./deployment:/deployment

lines under manager volume.