Email Configuration Error

Hi ,
i am able to send a test mail through keycloak-email test from a non google mail id but from same mail id i cant get alert/notification from rulestate.

But i am unable to send mail from google id , kindly fix this issue .


Hi @pcr,
with “Other SMTP with exact same configuration works” you mean that you only changed the SMTP or did you also used another mail address? Cheers

Hi @dimpfelmoser
other mail, other smtp server

ok cool, thank you for the quick answer, try my best.

Apologies for the delayed response.

We had made a change to the mail library used internally and this broke the STARTTLS config option but this was fixed in the past few weeks so make sure you have the latest manager version and STARTTLS will work again.

Hi Apurba,

I am trying with keycloak to test, as in below image but getting error: any suggestion

Gmail problem is fixed so you can try with Gmail.

from picture,
give your mail id as a username id and mail password .


Yes, this is working thanks a lot.