Insights Page does not display anything

Insights page does not display any chart .
I get : An error has occured


This might help: Breaking Changes to latest docker images - #8 by Pierre


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Hi @Joh

I’ve deleted your comment from the other thread: “How can I add a column chart in the insight widget.”

At the moment you can’t change the chart to a bar chart. We are planning to have the chart.js config in some form available in the chart widget settings at some point. At that point you would be able to switch between chart type, and maybe do some other modifications to the styling and axis.

We don’t have a clear timeline for that improvement. Until then you could try to implement it yourself and open a pull request.

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Not clear how bar chart would work, it would typically use categories to group the data, only makes sense for attributes that have discreet values:

  • Text attributes (plain text, enums, etc.)
  • Boolean attributes