OpenRemote White Label Login Page Custom Deployment Help

Hello there! Could you please assist me how to customize/change openremote login page logo with a new one? Thanking you and looking forward for your great help on this.

Please use the search function of the forum, this is described multiple times.

Hello @Denis, Okay! Thanks for keep helping again.

Hello @Denis First i started-off with creating folder structure as per your suggustion and reviewing on other posts for login page and dashboard custom deployment process help just like this:

│   └───themes
│       └───openremote
│           ├───account
│           ├───admin
│           └───login
│   ├───app
│   ├───consoleappconfig
│   └───images

But i always got an Internal Server Error as happened before during my previous dashboard custom deployment process and need to be removed all the created folders to fix the issue. Why this happens when i create this folder tree for customization process? Now i got stuck here to process further with login page customization process.

Also, as per your suggestion i have gone through and reviewed all the posts thoroughly regarding login page logo and text change customization, but sorry to say that i have found these posts leaving incomplete without finding any solution to fixing their issue for this. Any further help will be appreciated to fix this issue properly. Thanks.


Hello @Denis i have debug the issue of Internal Server Error by creating an updated folder structure and now its showing the login page like this:

How could i fix further this to show the logo? Thanks.

download: keycloak/src/main/resources/theme/openremote at main · openremote/keycloak · GitHub

Hello @Denis, Thanks for keep assisting. I really appreciate.

Well! i have downloaded and run this one GitHub - openremote/keycloak: Keycloak docker image with openremote theme and env variables and updated the folder tree like this as in the screenshot below, which gives me the login page as mentioned above. Please let guide your provided download is latest updated one Keycloak docker image to go with login page customization which i needs to have try again with this? Thanks.

did you restarded the docker-compose and made a hard browser refresh?

Yes Denis. Sure! I have stopped docker and then run docker-compose down command and then run docker-compose up command again with doing hard broswer refresh process, but sorry to say that no logo changes at login page. Thanks.

Hello @Denis with the updated folder tree structure i maganed to change only fevicon image at browser tab, but didn’t get any change with the openremote logo and texts.Thanks.

try this ,


Hello @apurba thanks for keep continue to assist further. I really appreciate it.

I have tried with your link and got this page message.


change this.
realm=“realm_name” with your actual realm

Hello! I have also tried this: http://localhost/manager/?realm=“master” , but sorry to say no change at all. Thanks.

At first you need to create a realm , then put your realm name in url .

Hello! i have these two realms created already and tried with Master realm. Please have check herein. Thanks.

create another one realm , Master is default realm.
Afterthat configure your logo , images .

Hello apurba,

I have already created an another one with realm name usr001 as mentioned in last screenshot. Won’t it work? Thanks.

You should use the the contact formular.

Openremote will make you an offer for support, install and service. Cause I guess you will not running openremote, since the support in this forum drives you in next issues.
Let me know you, no one has ever experienced this kind of issues like you have, cause these are basic settings, developing and running openremote, which are really good described and guided in the wiki pages.

http://localhost/manager/?realm=usr001 use this and give scrrenshot