samsung series 9 tv

hey guys,

i have just brought a new series 9 samsung tv but the samsung tv remote protocol isnt working.

i have added ip to the config for controller for samsung and have added ip to the command but non of it works.

is there somthing im missing?



I read in openhab forum that new samsung TV uses a different protocol than older models…
Perhaps is this the problem.
it does not work for me with mine (samsung H5500AW). And the openremote apps crash.


Hi Nick,

Have you found a solution? I have the same issue. Is it true that newer Samsung models won’t work with OR Samsung protocol ?



I can’t make the Samsung protocol work. Maybe it is due to new 2.6.0 controller version ?

This Samsung protocol documentation ( points to a samsungtv.jar file here ( and in that site is says to follow the instructions from a broken link ( I guess this broken link is the same as . However in this latter link the instructions are to change the controller file with the TV IP address. I guess with the new version 2.6.0 of the controller this is no longer needed and what we really need to do is to go to the designer->config for Controller->samsungtv and insert the TV IP address there. Also, in that latter link it says that the Pro Controller ships with a “dummy” version of the protocol, that prints a warning message. I never get that message but this is probably because I’m not using the Pro version ? I guess I’m using the private version. Anyway, in that same latter link it says to go to my Controller main folder, go to webapps/controller/WEB-INF/lib and replace the existing samsungtv.jar with the one I downloaded above. Actually originally there is no samsungtv.jar file in my controller webapps/controller/WEB-INF/lib folder, so I guess there is something wrong with the instructions or something changed with the new controller version. I placed the samsungtv.jar file in that folder anyway and it didn’t work.

Can anyone help? Is there a way to see what commands the App is sending to the controller and what the controller is sending to the TV? What is the log file for this? I wanted to check if at least the controller is trying to communicate with the TV.



Hi Alex,

I've not attempted a connection with a Samsung TV yet, but I'll go out on a limb and suggest that this sentence might hold a clue....

"Also, in that latter link it says that the Pro Controller ships with a "dummy" version of the protocol, that prints a warning message. I never get that message but this is probably because I'm not using the Pro version ? I guess I'm using the private version."

Are you still running the demo version?

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m new to all this so I guess I’m using the free version of the controller and designer, which is probably the demo version? I just followed the steps at to create a private user account, so I guess I’m using the demo version? How can I know that ?




I see.

Did you need to use a promo code or have you paid for the service?

And do you login to the designer by using

Http:// ?

If any of these answers are... No, then I'd say you're using the demo version.

The other way to tell us by which port your controller can be accessed through.

Port 8080 is used by the demo version, whereas 8688 is the default port of the Pro version.

I’m using port 8688 as recommended by the instructions. I did use the promo code to login so I did not pay anything and I’m using to log in to the designer.

Only one version (free for private, educational and testing purposes). So you are using the correct one :slight_smile:

Thanks Pierre, so what am I doing wrong? How can I check if the controller is sending any commands at all to my TV ?

You can check in the logs folder for samsungtv.log
On my ebox the log files are in

Thanks Michal. I don’t have any folder called samsungtv under logs nor have a samsungtv.log file anywhere so it looks like the Samsung protocol is not active or working. What do you recommend ?

You can check in the boot.log if the samsungtv protocol is loaded. Also, in the dev.log you can check for errors.

I looked both at boot.log and dev.log and there is nothing related to Samsung there. (I searched for the word Samsung). So the Samsung protocol was not loaded then, how can I load it ?

I assume that you have installed samsungtv.jar from
and replaced the default one in webapps/controller/WEB-INF/lib ?

Yes, I did that, the only thing is that there was no samsungtrv.jar file in webapps/controller/WEB-INF/lib so I just copied the file there. The fact that originally there was no file there doesn’t indicate that there is something wrong with the new controller version ?

Also, please read my previous post which Stuart responded early today to see the steps I did.

Hi Alex,

Did you or anyone else ever get this to work? I am in the same position. I have installed my controller on a raspberry PI. Added the samsung.jar file to the WEB-INF/lib folder. Connected the and synced my controller to the designer. I can see my remote in the webconsole and on an iPHONE. However, there is nothing in the log related to samsung at all and no response from the TV. So I have had a go at controlling KODI via the HTTP protocol. Added a few buttons, clicked on the and no messages in the HTTP log.

Dev log may hold a clue as it says ERROR [HTTP-Thread-4]: failed to extract panel.xml for panel : No such Panel :NAME, but I think this is spurious as panel.xml says :.

Any ideas where I should look next? Can I change the log levels? Does this even work?




Kodi stopped supporting HTTP commands and prefer Json queries.

I put a thread here -!searchin/openremotecommunity/Kodi/openremotecommunity/E294EfLeOiE

Sorry I can't help you with the Samsung stuff.

Hi Peter,

Nobody replied to me and I couldn’t figure it out so I gave up on OpenRemote. One thing to keep in mind is that Samsung changed their IP protocol so the the Samsung.jar file would only work for older TV models. The new protocol is much more complex and I
doubt somebody has made it available for OpenRemote.