Show a list of current alarms/threshold alerts for all assets on single dashboard?

I’m surprised that my search efforts haven’t found anyone else interested in displaying a list of current alarms/notifications/threshold alerts in a data table on a dashboard. Doesn’t it make sense to see current issues across multiple assets in a single page? Is there some better way of doing this that I’m not seeing?


on the map you could change the behave of the marker colors

for example: if a attribute threshold is >100 then change marker color to red

would this be helpful?

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This would work up to a certain number of devices, but I wonder how scaleable this is. For instance, I have about 250 devices that I’m about to connect; If 10 of them have some sort of issue, I would have to click on each one first to see what the issue is. To me a simple table with the alerts, error message and priority would be much clearer to work with.

Hi McSquibble,

We indeed have more interest in this feature which we call alarms. It’s a potentially big concept that we want to get right. The alarms should be generated from rules and agents, should be persistent and carry a status, assignee, linked assets etc.

Do not expect it very soon, but we are working on it. Any input is appreciated!



you can add a label, which appears on top of the marker, so you can see directly on the map, which asset has which problem.

"markers": {
  "ElectricityProducerSolarAsset": {
    "attributeName": "energyExportTotal",
    "showLabel": true,
    "showUnits": true,
    "colours": {
      "type": "range",
      "ranges": [
          "max": 50,
          "colour": "39B54A"
          "max": 80,
          "colour": "F7931E"
          "max": 100,
          "colour": "C1272D"

Unfortunately I have no other idea, except to write something in the groovy rules.
Maybe @Rich has an idea.

If you could link an asset to a ‘profile’ or some object that allows default values to be set, then you can set default threshold values for alarms which can be reused for all assets of the same type.

In the When-Then rules you could select an asset type > any of this type > describe all attribute thresholds and in Then set a separate attribute e.g. ‘alarm’ in matching asset to true.
But then you would need another rule to set it to false again since ‘otherwise’ isn’t implemented yet :grimacing: