Authentication logo


I would like to know how to change the authentication page logo. I found out how to change home page logo but not the authentication logo.

You can edit the keycloak themes-template.

@Denis , @Don Thanks for your answer.
I tried this option by adding a keycloak-theme.json file and using the default theme that I copied to the deployment folder but I don’t see any changes.

Here is my json file
“themes”: [{
“name” : “ENVIRO”,
“types”: [ “login”, “email”, “account” ]

You don’t need to add the json file.

download the templates and copy them to your deployment folder:


in the login folder, there is a template.ftl, which you can edit.

The OpenRemote Logo is implemented as a SVG.

Beginning at Line 33 to 40


Thanks @Denis ,
I did what you said but There is no change even if I change the favicon.png.

Did you restarted the docker compose and deleted the browser cache? (CTRL + F5)

Yes, It’s not working

Could you check in Keycloak whether the theme is actually set to the realm your accessing? > administration console > select realm > ‘theme’ in the horizontal tab bar > select the correct theme, ‘ENVIRO’ I guess? If its not, select it and save it and see if its working now.