List of recent events for each IoT device

On my actual UI, I display to the users the last hundreds of recent events for the monitored devices, as shown in the image.

I would like to know if there is a way to achieve this same list of recent events with openremote.

Best regards.

You can create custom UIs to gather what ever data you want from whatever assets/attributes you want but your question is very vague as we have no clue how you have configured your system, what “recent events for the monitored devices” means.

If you want this to happen in the Manager UI then you could try attribute linking all of the attributes of interest to another single attribute so this single attribute would receive all of the events. Configure this single attribute to STORE DATAPOINTS and then you can use the history panel in the asset viewer (note you may need to add some config to the manager_config.json to get the history panel to display as a nice table depending on the schema for your events.

If you wanted to go the custom UI direction then you can reuse any of the components from the Manager UI but unfortunately documentation is lacking on this.

We can try and provide further help once we know more.