Push notifications


The when-then rule notifications work OK via email. But it seems that the notifications through app are never sent to the Android device.

I have the following warning on the openremote console:

manager_1 | 2022-10-18 10:28:49.138 WARNING [Messaging-NotificationQu…e-13] manager.notification.NotificationService : Error processing from REALM_RULESET - NOTIFICATION_HANDLER_CONFIG_ERROR (Handler is not valid: push): Notification{name=‘null’, message=PushNotificationMessage{title=‘test’, body=‘test’, action=org.openremote.model.notification.PushNotificationAction@67f55774, buttons=[org.openremote.model.notification.PushNotificationButton@5fea762b, org.openremote.model.notification.PushNotificationButton@60a5d6ae], data=null, priority=null, targetType=null, target=‘null’, ttlSeconds=null}, repeatFrequency=null, repeatInterval=‘null’, targets=[Target{type=ASSET, id=372y4sdaVL76jK2O3dgykk}]}

Is it necessary to add any parameters in the docker-compose.yml file for this to work?


Yes you need a valid firebase config file as this is how the manager actually sends out the push notifications, you then need to compile your Android app with the matching config file.

We need to improve documentation around this; something for the list @Don


Could you guide me a little on this point? What steps should be followed?

Thank you

This should help:

FCM (Firebase cloud messaging) documentation:


Here’s the manager env variable that determines where the FCM config file is located:


The Android app that is shown in the iOS and Play stores is in our public repo and you can browse the play services config file (this is where FCM is configured):


The iOS app has a similar config file where APNS is relayed to FCM.

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Thanks! this is very helpful.